I make £22,000 a MONTH with my weird side hustle – people criticise me but I’ve quit my job and live a life of luxury

A MAN who makes £22,000 a month from his weird side hustle said he doesn’t care if people criticise him.

Curtis Gibbs, 25, was able to quit his job in retail and is now living the life of luxury.

Curtis says he makes around £22,000 a month
Curtis says he makes around £22,000 a monthCredit: SWNS
He started OnlyFans as a side hustle in 2018 before going full-time
He started OnlyFans as a side hustle in 2018 before going full-timeCredit: SWNS
He gets bizarre requests from followers
He gets bizarre requests from followersCredit: SWNS

He started OnlyFans in 2018 as a side hustle before going full-time in 2019.

Curtis has since had his fair share of bizarre requests.

Describing the list as “endless”, the lad from Wolverhampton said one guy asked him to burp into a jar.

He said: “The list is endless when it comes to strange requests.


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“One guy wanted me to gulp down a bottle of Coca Cola, burp into a jar, seal the jar and post it to him.”

He claims people have asked for used underwear and wanted to buy his bath water – but he is happy to deliver.

Almost tripling his monthly income in the first month, Curtis said he was previously earning around £1,200 to £1,300 and had maxxed out his credit cards.

Once his followers on the adult site started to increase, he invested in a studio to make more content.

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Hitting nearly 150,000 subscribers, Curtis says his confidence has grown and his mental health has improved.

Despite being “chubby”, Curtis is proud to “embrace his body” and provide more of a representation in the industry.

“I’m not your average looking OnlyFans model – there’s not enough representation of chubby men in porn and sex work,” he added.

“I’m proof you can have a chubby belly and chest hair in this line of work.

“There’s so much stigma when it comes to OnlyFans – it needs to be normalised and looked at as a normal job, I now take my job as a sex worker very seriously.

“There are lots of decisions I’ve made over the years that I look back on and regret, but quitting retail and doing OnlyFans is certainly not one of them.

“As soon as I stated to embrace my body, my mental health improved as well.”

Curtis said his family have been supportive of his decision and have seen a change in his wellbeing too.

And he’s not the only one making a living through a side hustle.

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