My inseparable mum and sister died within days of each other, our family has been ripped apart

A FAMILY has been left reeling after a mother and daughter tragically died just days apart.

Sue Wooton, 67, died on January 28 from an ongoing lung condition before her daughter Louise Fullard passed away in hospital nearly two weeks later.

Mother Sue Wooton and daugher Louise Fullard tragically died days apart
Mother Sue Wooton and daugher Louise Fullard tragically died days apartCredit: BPM
Lousie's sister, Tracey (pictured right), believed her sibling passed away to be with her mother
Lousie’s sister, Tracey (pictured right), believed her sibling passed away to be with her motherCredit: BPM

Sibling Tracey Fullard revealed that 30-year-old Louise was initially admitted to a unit in Wolverhampton after “feeling unwell” as she later underwent bowel surgery.  

But things soon took a turn for the worst when medics revealed that her liver had failed.  

The devastated sibling told Birmingham Live: “She went into the hospital because she was feeling unwell.

“She had to have an operation to remove a piece of her bowel and then they said that her liver had failed.

“They told us that it was going to be touch and go. I mean, I didn’t think she was going to make it through the night, but she did, so I had a little bit of hope.

“Then, the phone went at 7am and told us all to come in. We were sat there for hours until the doctor came in and took us to the family room and then he broke the news that all of her organs had failed and that it was the machine keeping her alive.

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“We had to turn off Louise’s life support. It was the most awful thing.”

The tragic death came as a double blow to the family who had only lost grandmother Sue just ten days prior.

The 67-year-old suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and was hospitalised after “falling ill.”

“She had COPD for a number of years and then she was really ill, she was housebound and she couldn’t get out,” Tracey said.

“She didn’t have a very good quality of life, she had the best that she could.”

The 35-year-old explained that Lousise had been her mother’s carer and regularly supported her in day to day activities.

The siblings were already due to mark the tenth anniversary of their father’s death on February 10.

Tracey now believes her sister passed away to be with her mother as they shared an “inseparable” relationship.

“My sister was my mum’s carer, you see. She never got over losing my dad so I think losing mum, it was the last straw. She wasn’t very well,” she said.

“The thing that is the worst for me is I lost my mom on the 28th, my sister on the 7th and then it was the 10-year anniversary of my dad passing on the 10th.

“That is just all of my family.”

Tracey and her family have now set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help towards costs of the funeral.

It read: “Sue passed away 28th January 2022 after being ill for many years, and although she didn’t have much she was a generous kind hearted soul. She has left behind her beloved grandchildren and children.

“Unfortunately, ten days later on February 7th, her youngest daughter at the young age of 30 also passed away. We believe her to be with her mother as they adored each other and were inseparable.”

Louise passed away after her liver failed
Louise passed away after her liver failedCredit: BPM

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