Row over city council’s £23,000 bill for pointless road signs

A CASH-strapped council has spent £23,000 on welcome signs show­casing the sights of Wolverhampton.

The 25 hoardings each boast that the city is the “proud home of” attractions such as a brewery, a university and a theatre.

 There's a university in Wolverhampton...


There’s a university in Wolverhampton…

The Labour-run council, looking to make £200million of budget cuts, insisted the signs will “increase local pride”. But Lib Dems and locals have blasted the “waste of money”.

Local green grocer James Rands, 44, said: “It’s a ridiculous amount of cash to waste on 25 signs.

“I don’t think there’s even that many ways in to the city.

“I’m a Black Country man and proud but I don’t think we’ve got that much to crow about in terms of tourist attractions really.

 Along with a brewery...


Along with a brewery…

“I can’t see a flock of tourists coming all the way here to visit the Bank’s factory and most cities have a theatre and a university anyway.

A spokesman for the council said: “The new signage offers the potential of generating advertising revenue by changing the bottom panels.

“The plan is to improve the signage and improve perceptions of the city, increasing local pride.”

 Not forgetting top-notch engineering to pull in the tourists


Not forgetting top-notch engineering to pull in the tourists
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