Shocking moment Asda shopper slaps woman with a pizza as bargain hunters snatch food off reduced price shelves

THIS is the moment a furious Asda shopper slaps another woman with a pizza.

The chaotic scenes broke out as a scrum of shoppers swooped on a bargain bin.

The chaotic scenes unfolded at an Asda in the West Midlands
The chaotic scenes unfolded at an Asda in the West MidlandsCredit: TikTok/ @mr.miami_uk
The woman is slapped round the face with two pizzas
The woman is slapped round the face with two pizzasCredit: TikTok/ @mr.miami_uk

In the footage, believed to have been filmed at an Asda branch in Wolverhampton yesterday, scores of shoppers can be seen clamouring to grab reduced sticker items.

Customers can be seen pushing and shoving as they attempt to grab items from the reduced section.

The man filming can be heard saying: “Oh my gosh, wow” as things quickly turn ugly.

The camera then quickly pans to a lone, raw chicken leg on the floor as the rowdy crowd shout over each other.

The cameraman says: “They’re fighting!” as two women begin squaring up to eachother.

One of the women, wearing a blue hat, places an empty box of chicken on top of another shopper’s head as she reaches to grab two pizzas from the shelf.

Infuriated, the pizza woman then bashes the boxes down onto the other woman’s head several times.

Shocked onlookers can be heard hollering in the background at the crazy scenes.

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The cameraman shouts: “She slapped you with a pizza baby! I know that’s right!”

He then pans across the group, saying: “It’s going down on aisle 37 baby! It’s a free-for-all, it’s a frenzy.” as another onlooker throws up a peace sign in the background.

He continues: “It’s the aftermath for me, it’s crazy – they’ve got the chicken on the floor,” as the camera then zooms in on several more chicken legs that have somehow inexplicably also ended up on the floor.

The camera then cuts to yet another scrum, and the words “Round 2” flash up on the screen.

Shoppers can be seen gathering round another reduced area as an Asda worker places reduced oranges into the bargain bin.

A voiceover on the video says: “They toss the food to them like they’re in the wild!”

Some social media users branded the scenes “sad,” with Mushtalino writing: “Desperate times for a lot of people.”

But others disagreed.

Simon Neil Scott said: “I can appreciate that people are struggling in life, but I can’t help think this is more about arrogance and people being rude.

“I feel for the staff!”

Another commenter said: “Having worked in Tesco and witnessed this myself, they’re not poor, they’re not desperate.

“It’s the same people every day, it’s like they’re addicted.”

Asda has been contacted for comment.

Two women fight in the reduced section
Two women fight in the reduced sectionCredit: TikTok/ @mr.miami_uk

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