We live in Britain’s ‘fattest city’… gym memberships are a waste of money & we eat McDonald’s four times a week

PEOPLE living in Britain’s “fattest city” say their gym memberships are a waste of money and they tuck in McDonald’s takeaways four times a week.

Bradford in West Yorkshire has the UK‘s fewest fitness nuts, according to a new study – but fast food-loving locals say they aren’t fussed.

Bradford has been branded the country's 'fattest city'


Bradford has been branded the country’s ‘fattest city’Credit: NB PRESS LTD
Locals have told of being tempted into eating fast food all the time


Locals have told of being tempted into eating fast food all the timeCredit: NB PRESS LTD

Experts revealed the city has Britain’s lowest proportion of road cycling routes by population size.

Their report also ranked places across the country according to the number of gyms and health restaurants as well as access to swimming pools.

And Bradford came bottom, with an index score of just 26,46 out of 100.

The findings from nutrition experts at Bulk.com have not come as a surprise to many Bradford residents.

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The city was found to offer just 10 gyms per 100,000 residents, the fourth-lowest figure of all UK cities.

It also has only 23 jogging routes and 23 hiking routes per 100,000 people – the third lowest for hiking and second lowest for jogging.

And when Sun Online visited, the only bikes we saw were ridden by takeaway couriers.

Ellie Thwaites, 18, admitted: “I just eat takeaways all the time.

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McDonald’s all the time – maybe four times a week, I’ll get it delivered to the door.

“I know it’s not the healthiest choice but it’s just so easy.

“There are a few gyms around but lots of people don’t use them.”

Mum Kerry, 35, has a gym membership yet said: “I only go once a week because I find it boring – but at least that’s better than not going at all.”

Ruby Lowther, 18, said: “I do go to the gym but not very often — to be honest, I’ve wasted my money on the membership for nowt.

“I’ve got better things to do than be in the gym.”

Social studies student Ruby Halliday, also 18, suggested locals – especially women – were reluctant to exercise outdoors because they felt unsafe.

She said: “I wouldn’t go jogging in parks in Bradford, especially not on my own.

“There are parts of the city which are complete no-go areas – there are lots of shootings and stabbings and you don’t want to go out and get caught up in that.”

Manour Hussain, 22, said while clutching fish and chips in the city centre: “There are so many takeaways here – it makes it impossible to be healthy.

“No-one that knows here goes to the gym either.”

Yet he has recently moved to neighbouring Leeds because he felt it was too unhealthy to stick around in Bradford.

He said: “I was just eating takeaways all the time – it was all partying and nightlife.

“I thought that if I moved away from it, then I’ve got a better chance of staying fit.”

And Diane Clarke, 62, complained: “Everywhere you look there’s a takeaway.

“For a lot of people here, almost every meal is fast food and then they’re not exercising off the calories.

“I don’t go to a gym but I do walk absolutely everywhere – if I didn’t do that, I’d hate to think what I’d look like.”

But the report’s findings were disputed by some, including cook Louise Bonnett, 48, who insisted: “I don’t think Bradford is more unhealthy than anywhere else.

“We’ve got a couple of swimming pools and there are always people going for runs in Bowling Park.

“There are unhealthy people in every city – I don’t know why they’ve singled out our city.”

And fitness fanatic Nathan, 32, also criticised the research while telling of how he spends hours each day in the gym.

He said: “I’m in the gym every morning and it’s always pretty busy.

“The classes are always full – it’s not like they’re being cancelled because no-one turns up.

“Bradford is a poor city and there are problems with obesity because so many people turn to cheap and easy fast food, but I don’t think it’s a problem that is isolated to Bradford.”

After Bradford, the rest of the Bulk.com hitlist featured Wolverhampton, Sunderland, Doncaster and Wakefield.

Doncaster was branded Britain’s “unhealthiest town” earlier this year.

Next on the latest list were Peterborough, Dundee, Birmingham and Southend.

Salford in Greater Manchester and the riverside city of Durham came out top with joint scores of 89.68.

A spokesperson for Bulk.com: “This data offers a fascinating insight into the UK cities with the lowest number of amenities suited to a healthy lifestyle.

“It is important to note that many factors contribute to overall fitness, but having access to a variety of fitness facilities is undoubtedly a great starting point for anyone looking to embark on a fitness journey.

“Taking advantage of the resources available in your city, will enable you to take meaningful steps towards achieving your health and wellness goals.”

Two thirds of UK adults are overweight or obese, recent figures suggest.

And research by NHS prescription service Now Patient identified the top hotspot for tubby Brits as Blaenau Gwent in south-eastern Wales.

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In contrast, Islington in north London was said to have the lowest proportion of chubby locals.

A damning report last year by the World Health Organisation forecast the UK would become Europe‘s fattest nation by 2033.

Keen walker Diane Clarke says Bradford is full of takeaways


Keen walker Diane Clarke says Bradford is full of takeawaysCredit: NB PRESS LTD
Nutrition experts gave the West Yorkshire city the lowest health score in England


Nutrition experts gave the West Yorkshire city the lowest health score in EnglandCredit: NB PRESS LTD
Louise Bonnett believes Bradford shouldn't be 'singled out'


Louise Bonnett believes Bradford shouldn’t be ‘singled out’Credit: NB PRESS LTD

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